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Neck lift | Lone tree, CO

Considering a neck lift?

While the face may remain wrinkle-free, some patients deal with the signs of aging in the neck and jowl area first and foremost. Sagging skin underneath the chin, or “turkey neck,” can develop regardless of one’s weight or product use. In some cases, this skin can be a genetic occurrence. Dr. Jennifer Emmett of Emmett […]


What you need to know about facelifts

No one wants to experience aging. While it may be desirable to stop time and capture you and your body at its best, this is not a realistic expectation. Dr. Jennifer Emmett of Lone Tree, Colorado understands the desire to maintain one’s youthfulness, even as the signs of aging occur. Fine lines and wrinkles, accompanied […]

Do I Want A Facelift?

When it comes to the face you present to the world, are you happy with it? Our faces can put up with so much, but the elements do take their toll eventually. For instance, if you haven’t worn sunscreen for most of your life, you may notice sun spots or other signs of aging on […]

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