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I am so impressed with Dr. Emmett and her staff! I thought about having a breast lift for 5 years. In August this year when I made up my mind to do it, I interviewed 4 different doctors. It was so hard because 3 of them left it up to me to decide the size I would want, and I was very concerned with looking too big. Dr. Emmett was totally different. She really listened to me, looked at my body and was very specific about the size she recommended. It was 100% based on my body frame so that I would be in perfect proportion. She has a very different process from the rest of the doctors, and I was so comfortable following her recommendation. Because I was so happy, 3 on my friends made appointments in the following weeks to interview her. All 3 people chose Dr. Emmett over the many other doctors they had interviewed. We all had different surgeries, and each of us has recommended her to other friends. It’s amazing when you find the right person, you don’t think twice about your decision. I would recommend Dr. Emmett and her staff to anyone considering surgery.

If you need to wait a few weeks for the appointment, it is worth the wait so you can meet her and learn how she does things a differently that other doctors.

*Individual results may vary.

“I would recommend Dr. Emmett and her staff to anyone considering surgery”
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