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Posts From January, 2022

Anesthesia Options for Breast Augmentation

Any surgical procedure can be nerve-wracking for a patient, whether it’s a minor surgery or more involved such as breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons typically rely on two options for anesthetizing their patients — general anesthesia, or a combination of IV sedation “twilight” and a local anesthetic. At Emmett Plastic Surgery, we prefer twilight anesthesia with […]

Top Questions About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

When most women think of breast augmentation, they automatically think of silicone or saline implants.  But there’s another option available today that’s not as well known — fat transfer breast augmentation. Instead of deciding which implant type to use, plastic surgeons can actually remove fat from other places of your body. The fat is then […]

Breast Reduction

What Happens to Breast Implants As We Age?

Breast augmentation is a popular choice among younger and older women looking to fill out their breasts’ volume, improve breast lift, and create a more symmetrical appearance. Generally speaking, there is no age limit restricting older women from getting breast implants.  There are limits in place restricting women younger than 18 or 22 years of […]

Breast Augmentation Denver & Lone Tree, CO

What Makes Breast Implants Safe?

Breast implant safety and design have come a long way since the 1960s when they were first introduced. Today, there are two implant choices — silicone and saline. Of the two, silicone implants are more popular, accounting for around 85% of all implants. In the US alone there are over 1.5 million women with silicone […]

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