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If you live in Denver, Lone Tree, or the surrounding Douglas County communities and have problems with multiple parts of your body, you might want to consider a body lift at Emmett Plastic Surgery’s Lone Tree office. A body lift is a safe procedure that can tighten and firm several areas of your body that are unattractive due to the aging process, sun exposure, or significant weight loss that has resulted in saggy skin. Dr. Jennifer Emmett is board-certified by the American Board of Surgery, a testament to her commitment to patient safety and comfort, and can give you the body you desire with a body lift.

What is a Body Lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure that can contour and shape the body. It is often done by removing loose and sagging skin and tightening up the skin to make it appear firm and toned. A body lift procedure can help the following areas:

  • Upper arms, including around the arm pit.
  • Thighs, including the outer, inner, and posterior thighs.
  • Abdominal area, including “love handles”.
  • Groin, which might sag into the lower thigh.
  • Buttocks, which can be flat, saggy, or unevenly shaped.

When Dr. Emmett performs a body lift, she uses techniques to improve the underlying tissue that supports the skin. This means that you can see an immediate difference in the skin’s surface, such as the reduction of dimples and cellulite. If you have poor skin elasticity, a body lift plus liposuction may be needed to give you the best results.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Body Lift?

People who maintain a relatively stable weight are good candidates for a body lift. An individual considering a body lift should also be someone with a reasonably proportioned body, in terms of height and body type. If you are a woman who is considering having children in the future, you may want to wait until after pregnancy to have a body lift.

Adults of any age can get a body lift procedure. The best candidates for a body lift include the following:

  • A person who does not smoke.
  • A person who is healthy and does not have any serious medical conditions that would make the body lift procedure riskier.
  • Someone who has specific fitness goals and body sculpting goals.
    A person with a positive outlook who understands that a healthy lifestyle is key to extending the results of a body lift.

Body Lift Consultation

If you are considering a body lift in Dr. Emmett’s plastic surgery office, you will first meet with the doctor for a consultation. She will explain that you should be in good overall health and have a positive outlook on life to enjoy the best results from a body lift procedure.

Dr. Emmett will provide a safe place for you to be honest about your feelings and expectations for your body lift procedure. She will ask you for a full disclosure of your medical and health history, including your medications and herbal supplements. You will need to tell Dr. Emmett if you use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs because these substances may affect the way your body reacts to your procedure. Dr. Emmett will ask you to commit to following all of her instructions before, during, and after your body lift procedure.

Preparing for Your Body Lift Procedure

Before your body lift procedure, Dr. Emmett will give you specific instructions to prepare for surgery. She will offer you a list of diagnostic testing procedures and medications that you will need before your body lift. Dr. Emmett will also give you instructions for medications to take on the day of the procedure and show you information about anesthesia. You will receive instructions for post-operative care and follow-up visits.

After Care and Healing

After the body lift procedure, you may experience swelling where the incisions were made. You may take medication to control any discomfort. You will be given complete instructions on when to begin walking, carrying heavy objects, bending over, and performing other activities.

You will want to follow Dr. Emmett’s instructions to reduce the risk of complications such as blood clots. It is important that you sleep with your knees elevated after your body lift procedure. This will ensure a successful outcome post-surgery. Usually, Dr. Emmett’s patients return to all normal activities within two to three weeks.

How Much Does a Body Lift Cost?

A body lift at Dr. Emmett’s Denver-area cosmetic surgery office will vary in cost, depending on the patient and the amount of work that needs to be done. Since a body lift is considered an elective procedure by insurance providers, they won’t cover the costs. Dr. Emmett tries to make body lifts and other cosmetic procedures affordable, so she offers financing options via CareCredit®, Simmons Bank, and Prosper® Healthcare Lending. Dr. Emmett’s cosmetic surgery office also accepts checks, cash, and credit cards.

Schedule a Consultation

If you live in Centennial, Lone Tree or the greater Denver area and are interested in a body lift call (303) 955-7545 and schedule a consultation. The Emmett Plastic Surgery staff wants you to feel comfortable and confident in your body.