A Growing Colorado City

“A Colorado city with a population of 14,000 could grow to 40,000 people by 2040. Lone Tree, Colorado is a national model for growth. Here’s how the city on the southern end of the Denver metro area did it.” – To read the full article, click here.


What you need to know about facelifts

No one wants to experience aging. While it may be desirable to stop time and capture you and your body at its best, this is not a realistic expectation. Dr. Jennifer Emmett of Lone Tree, Colorado understands the desire to maintain one’s youthfulness, even as the signs of aging occur. Fine lines and wrinkles, accompanied […]

Breast Reduction

Reasons for breast reduction surgery

Dr. Jennifer Emmett of Lone Tree, Colorado understands that many women are self-conscious about their appearance, especially when it comes to the size and shape of the breasts. While many patients only think of enlarging the breasts, some women are faced with an opposite problem: breasts that are too large and heavy for their natural […]

Skin Resurfacing with the Helios Laser

Patients in the Denver, CO area and beyond who are seeking solutions for aging skin on the face and neck are encouraged to work with Dr. Jennifer Emmett to discuss the benefits of skin resurfacing with the Helios device. Helios offers a revolutionary way for patients to fight aging skin including fine lines and wrinkles, […]

What Type of Breast Implants Are Available at Emmett Plastic Surgery?

Women who are self-conscious about the size of their breasts are often interested in learning more about breast augmentation procedures. A breast augmentation allows women to increase their breast size with the use of specialized implants. At Emmett Plastic Surgery, patients of the greater Denver, CO area who are interested in implants can learn about […]

Biote Pellet Therapy for Hormonal Imbalances

Taking care of the body is important, especially as adults age and progress into the later stages of life. However, one noticeable sign of aging is reduced energy and increased ailments. To feel youthful, some patients may need assistance in balancing the hormones, which can often change over time and result in deficiencies. Once corrected, […]

Enhance Your Eyelashes Using Latisse

Eyelash growth products that have hit the market continue to be the talk of women around the globe. However, many of these over-the-counter products don’t provide the results women desire to achieve. With the use of a prescription strength product called Latisse, women can now achieve fuller, thicker, and darker lashes that don’t require mascara! […]

Learn More About Lip Augmentation Services at Emmett Plastic Surgery

At Emmett Plastic Surgery, patients in the area of Lone Tree, CO are welcome to speak to Dr. Jennifer Emmett about the many treatments that are provided in her state-of-the-art facility. Along with traditional plastic and cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Jennifer Emmett is also pleased to provide solutions for patients including lip augmentation. What is lip […]

Are You Considering Fat Transfer and Grafting Procedures?

Whether you are interested in enhancing a feature of your body or eliminating an unwanted flaw, the staff at Emmett Plastic Surgery can assist. Dr. Jennifer Emmett and her team of professionals provide a wide range of cosmetic surgery solutions that can be used to address problems and improve body contours. One of the more […]

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