Skin Care

Age In The Decades

We’re well-versed in looking for signs of aging, and we love treating various signs of premature aging. But isn’t it strange how age looks different on different people? Some women in their fifties still look like they’re in their thirties, and other women seem to age a little quicker than the rest of us. Understanding […]

Latisse, Lone Tree, Co

What Latisse Can Do For You

Do you dream of thick, long and fuller lashes? Latisse can help with that. Longer and fuller lashes are associated with a more feminine and well-rounded appearance. As we age, the lashes may thin out. Latisse will restore your missing length and volume (and give it to you if you’ve never had it!). Latisse: what […]

Botox, Lone Tree, CO

Look Younger With Botox

Are you frustrated by pesky wrinkles around your forehead and eyes that make you appear older? Botox can help. Aging is inevitable but there’s a lot that Emmet Plastic Surgery can do to help rewind the clock. Botox stands as one of the most well known and popular cosmetic treatments. With the ability to smooth […]

Skin Care, Lone Tree, CO

Fantastic Foods to Help Your Skin Look Radiant

In addition to visiting Emmett Plastic Surgery this New Year, add these foods to your diet for a more radiant look. Yellow or Red Bell Peppers Bell peppers are an extraordinary source of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Bell peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin C, which is needed to […]

Radiesse, Lone Tree, CO

What Radiesse Can Do For You

Are you ready to get rid of those tiresome wrinkles on your face? As we age, the face continues to form wrinkles while losing elasticity. With Radiesse, you can enhance your appearance by adding volume, youth, and fullness to your face. Radiesse can smooth out wrinkles and create skin texture that is more supple and […]

Arm Lift Denver, CO

Flabby Arms? An Arm Lift Can Help!

If you have drooping, saggy, or unshapely upper arms, an arm lift may be a great option for you. At Emmett Plastic Surgery we can give your appearance a boost by addressing your upper arm concerns. By tightening your upper arms and decreasing upper arm size we can help you feel more confident in your […]

Breast Augmentation, Lone Tree, CO

What You Should Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

A breast augmentation is commonly called a “breast aug” or “boob job”. Patients opt for a breast augmentation surgery to enhance their breast size after weight loss, pregnancy, or to achieve a larger breast size. A saline or silicone implant is typically used to increase breast size. In some cause, a mammoplasty is done which […]

Skin Care, Lone Tree, CO

Three Ways You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

As the seasons change, do your hands start to feel more dry or begin to crack? With the onset of cooler months, your skin will begin to feel the difference. Lower humidity and cooler weather creates dry air, which robs your skin of vital moisture. If left unattended, our skin can become so dry it […]

Kybella, Lone Tree, Co

Downsize Your Double Chin

Do you have a little bit too much skin or fat in your chin area? Kybella can help. Kybella is a popular injection treatment used to reduce fat beneath the chin. This additional fat is known as “double chin” or submental fat. This non-surgical fat reduction method can help you look years younger and improve […]

Sculptra, Lone Tree, CO

Why You Need Sculptra

Sculptra is a part of a long and effective list of nonsurgical treatments. For those with sagging skin and tedious wrinkles, Sculptra can deliver what you’ve been looking for: a more youthful and taut appearance. Read on to find out how Sculptra works and why you should consider this popular treatment. What Sculptra does As […]

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