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Why Some Men Choose to Have Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a common condition that can affect men and boys of all ages, resulting in an enlargement of breast tissue. Caused by an uneven balance of male and female hormones, gynecomastia results in breasts that are either large or uneven and can lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Though gynecomastia rarely contributes to physical discomfort or pain, this condition may cause you to feel awkward whenever you remove your shirt or experience difficulty finding flattering clothing.

At Emmett Plastic Surgery in Denver, CO, we provide surgical treatments for men with gynecomastia, removing excess breast tissue to achieve a flatter chest and a natural-looking silhouette. Consider gynecomastia surgery to feel more comfortable in your body and boost your confidence and self-image.

Your Initial Consultation

Treatment begins with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Emmett, where she collects your full health history and asks about your aesthetic goals. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the process, recovery, and results. Your consultation will result in Dr. Emmett verifying your candidacy for a safe and successful procedure and providing multiple treatment options.

What to Expect from the Surgery

On the day of your procedure, you will be warmly welcomed by our patient care team, then led back to a private, comfortable treatment area. We use both local anesthesia and IV sedation to keep you comfortable during surgery and help you enjoy a smooth recovery.

Dr. Emmett will remove fat and tissue via liposuction, which requires two incisions 1/8th of an inch long to insert the liposuction cannula. She will remove excess fat using specialized techniques to provide a more sculpted, natural-looking chest area.

Recovery After Your Procedure

Before you discharge, you will receive full instructions for aftercare and recovery. You can expect to be bruised and sore after the procedure, but you should feel ready to head back to school or work within about three days.

During recovery, you must wear a compression garment to control swelling and fluid build-up. You can wear this vest-like garment under a shirt without being noticeable or conspicuous.

You’re in Good Hands with Emmett Plastic Surgery

Gynecomastia can make it hard to feel comfortable in your body. Thankfully, surgical intervention can provide a sleek and natural-looking chest area, restoring your sense of self. To learn more about gynecomastia surgery in Denver, CO, schedule a consultation with Emmett Plastic Surgery online or at (303) 955-7545.