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March 15, 2019

Skin care | emmett plastic surgeryWe’re well-versed in looking for signs of aging, and we love treating various signs of premature aging. But isn’t it strange how age looks different on different people? Some women in their fifties still look like they’re in their thirties, and other women seem to age a little quicker than the rest of us. Understanding how we age throughout time can help you look for signs of aging, and understand how to slow down signs of aging.


When we’re in our 20s, our body’s natural antioxidant production starts to slow down. Using good quality moisturizers and applying sunscreen every day can help, but it may not be enough. In your mid-20s, you may also notice that your skin starts to feel or look dry. This is around the time when we may notice tiny wrinkles forming around our mouth and eyes.


This is the time when so many of us realize we have to take better care of ourselves. Our metabolism slows down in our thirties, which leads the levels of collagen and elastin in skin tissue to break down. To make it worse, you may find your skin looks more tired and feels more sensitive at this time.

Deeper-set wrinkles may start to develop around your mouth and eyes at this time, and you may notice age spots developing on your hands or chest. Genetics and how well you’ve taken care of your skin will impact how much of these signs you’ll experience.


When you’re in your forties, your skin’s ability to turn over slows down again. Wrinkles will become more defined if you aren’t dedicating time and care for your skin. Elastin levels will decrease when you’re in your forties, as well, so your skin may start to sag or droop.


In women going through menopause, dropping estrogen levels may lead skin to feel even drier. More sunspots will start to emerge and your skin won’t feel as smooth as it used to. Your wrinkles and fine lines will likely be more prominent at this point.

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