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Home Breast Augmentation How Do I Avoid Capsular Contracture After a Breast Augmentation?

April 19, 2024

To achieve a full figure and harmonious curves, many women seek breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation can transform your silhouette and self-confidence, using implants to enhance your breast volume.

As with any surgical procedure, being aware of potential risks and complications is important. One of the most significant risks for breast augmentation patients is capsular contracture. You can take several steps you can take to reduce your risk of capsular contracture as you undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Reducing the Risk of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is caused when too much scar tissue builds up around the implant and squeezes it. The pressure the scar tissue places on the implant causes the breasts to look misshapen, feel hard, and be painful. As such, capsular contracture prevention involves minimizing the amount of scar tissue that develops around the implant.

Choose the Right Implants

One way to do this is by discussing implant options with your surgeon. Specifically, use your initial consultation to ask whether textured implants are right for you. 

Textured gel implants may have a lower likelihood of causing capsular contracture as they tend to produce less scar tissue. However, this type of implant may not be the best bet for everyone. Your surgeon will provide a personalized recommendation to ensure that textured implants are right for you.

Discuss Your Health History

You should also use your consultation as a chance to discuss your personal health history.

Specifically, mention any history of scarring that you have. If you are prone to developing extensive scar tissue after any injury, you are more likely to develop the scar tissue that causes capsular contracture. Your surgeon may vary their surgical technique to minimize this risk.

Consider a Massage

With the approval of your surgeon, you may be able to implement a very gentle massaging routine during the recovery period after breast augmentation surgery. 

So long as you do not move any of the tissue out of place, gently massaging the breast tissue as it heals can help reduce the amount of scar tissue developed during the recovery process.

Find Out More About Breast Augmentation

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