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May 28, 2021

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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in America. It also has one of the highest satisfaction rates with 98% of women expressing that breast augmentation met or exceeded their expectations.

Like any form of surgery, it will require a recovery period to allow the body to heal. During this recovery time, bruising, swelling, and discomfort will appear around the chest area. Inflammation in the skin and breasts is a natural healing response to the procedure.

It’s important during this recovery time, which is usually 6-8 weeks, to follow the recommendations given to you by Dr. Emmett.

Below we’ll give you a brief overview of what surgery entails, steps for you to follow for a healthy recovery, and what not to do after breast augmentation surgery.

What Breast Augmentation Surgery Entails

Before surgery, you will meet with Dr. Emmett for your breast augmentation consultation. During this hour-long meeting, Dr. Emmett will examine your past health history to make sure you are a healthy candidate for surgery. 

Dr. Emmett will then measure and assess your breasts to determine which implant sizes will work best for you. Based on your body type and size, Dr. Emmett will have you try on a couple of different implant sizes in front of a mirror. 

She will also discuss with you the potential risks involved with the surgery and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. After your consultation, if you are a healthy candidate for surgery, Dr. Emmett will schedule your surgery date. 

Dr. Emmett requests that all patients shower the day before their surgery. This is to reduce bacteria on the skin and in turn reduces the risk of surgical site infection.

During your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Emmett will insert breast implants to improve your breasts’ volume, size, and shape. Breast augmentation surgery generally takes an hour to complete and will require an IV sedation with local anesthesia (lidocaine). 

Depending on the incision plan determined by Dr. Emmett, an inframammary incision will be done to place the implants under the muscle. The long-term risk of scar tissue is much less with the IMF incision and under the muscle implants. This incision plan will be determined during your consultation and will take into account your body type, implant size, and other factors.

Once the breast implants have been inserted, either under or over the breast muscle, Dr. Emmett will carefully close and suture the incisions.

Real Patient Results

Breast augmentation can have a transformative effect. Take a look at these before-and-after images from some of our previous patients.  

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What Not to Do After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Once your surgery is completed, you will begin to feel soreness, bruising, and swelling due to the incisions. This is completely normal and part of the body’s healing process.

It generally takes anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for your breasts to fully heal and recover after surgery. 

During the first two weeks, you’ll need to take it very easy to allow your body to heal. The following are things that you should absolutely avoid during this recovery time. 

Sleeping on your side or stomach.
Lifting anything heavy.
Lifting anything about your head – avoid placing unnecessary strain on your incisions.
Taking Aspirin – it could potentially lead to a hematoma, which is an accumulation of blood in your breasts.
Any strenuous exercise – walking is advised though.
Suntanning or using a tanning bed.

What to Do After Surgery to Reduce Pain and Soreness and Promote Healing

After surgery, your body’s healing process will start. You will need to take it easy, especially during the first two weeks following surgery.

During this time, there are many recommendations for you to follow to encourage your body’s healing process.

Here are things you absolutely should do following your surgery:

  • Wear a post-op surgery bra. These bras are padded and will compress your breasts to reduce swelling. They also provide support and allow the implants to settle.
  • Sleep on your back for 6-8 weeks. During the first few weeks, you should use a wedge pillow to prop yourself up to reduce swelling from accumulating in your breasts.
  • Drink lots of water -hydration is essential for the skin’s healing process.
  • Have a friend or partner help you reach for things and get dressed.
  • Take your prescribed pain medication.
  • Get lots of rest.
  • Try to take off a week from work, if you are able.

How Long is the Breast Augmentation Healing Process?

It typically takes women anywhere from 6-8 weeks to make a full recovery after breast augmentation surgery. Generally, the first five days following surgery have the most discomfort, swelling, and bruising.

After the first couple of weeks, you will start to feel better and be able to regain your mobility and can begin to exercise a bit more. During this time you can ride a stationary bike or go on walks, but remember to take it easy.

Absolutely no strenuous lifting or exercise until you’re fully healed. Intense exercise can cause the implants to shift before they’re fully set.

After 6-8 weeks, your body should be fully healed and recovered, and you can resume your daily activities.

It’s important to know that even after you’re fully healed, it will still take about 3-6 months for your breast implants to fully settle into your breasts. This is known as the “drop and fluff” phenomenon when your implants finally settle into place and give you the appearance you’ve been desiring. View our sample before and after photos on our website.

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