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Home Plastic Surgery Why Is It Important for a Plastic Surgeon to be Board Certified?

January 29, 2024

| emmett plastic surgeryChoosing to get plastic surgery is a big decision. When done right, plastic surgery can provide you with a refreshed physical appearance, along with revitalized self-confidence. However, your results depend very much on the clinical skill and aesthetic eye of your surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons are created equal, and some are better equipped than others to promote patient comfort, safety, and outcomes. One of the best ways to ensure a qualified surgeon is to seek someone who is board certified, attesting to a high level of training and advanced skill.


What Is Board Certification?

To become a plastic surgeon, it is mandatory to complete a certain set of training requirements, including medical school and residency. To become board certified, surgeons must then complete an even more rigorous set of educational requirements, above and beyond med school and residency. These extra requirements include:

  • Written and oral examinations
  • Evaluations of their knowledge regarding plastic surgery 
  • Tests of their ethical standing 
  • Inquiries into their approach to reconstructive and cosmetic challenges 

As such, board certification serves as a kind of warranty that better ensures your plastic surgeon will promote your safety and comfort at every step of the clinical process. You can trust that their standard of care is high enough to best protect your health while also ensuring results that are aesthetically pleasing.

Before you schedule a plastic surgery consultation, confirm that the surgeon you are working with has board certification, specifically in the field of plastic surgery. While a cosmetic surgeon without board certification may be able to provide a procedure you are interested in, there is no guarantee that they will meet the highest standards of patient care. Meanwhile, a board-certified plastic surgeon will be more likely to provide you with optimal results while also ensuring your well-being.

Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Denver, CO

Dr. Emmett is pleased to be a board-certified plastic surgeon, possessing the highest level of clinical training within her field. To learn more about board-certified care in the Denver, CO area, schedule a consultation with our plastic surgery team at Emmett Plastic Surgery today.