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September 30, 2019

| emmett plastic surgeryAt Emmett Plastic Surgery, patients in the area of Lone Tree, CO are welcome to speak to Dr. Jennifer Emmett about the many treatments that are provided in her state-of-the-art facility. Along with traditional plastic and cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Jennifer Emmett is also pleased to provide solutions for patients including lip augmentation.

What is lip augmentation?

When patients have thin, uneven, or unattractive lips, they may want to think about undergoing lip augmentation procedures. A lip augmentation is a minimally invasive service offered at our practice. It involves the use of cosmetic injectables to add volume and improve lip contours for a more attractive appearance. Dr. Jennifer Emmett is pleased to offer this non-surgical solution for patients unhappy with the appearance of their lips and smile.

How is lip augmentation achieved?

With the use of special cosmetic fillers, patients can improve the volume, structure, and overall shape of their upper or lower lips. This is achieved with a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is an element that is naturally occurring in our bodies that helps in attracting water molecules. Hyaluronic acid is also used in cosmetic dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm, to add volume to fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face. This same injectable can also be used in the lips to add volume and boost the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. Hyaluronic acid fillers are approved by the FDA and can be used in many different ways in the face.

Who is a candidate for lip augmentation?

Patients who want to address the appearance of their lips will first want to consult with a doctor to determine if they are an appropriate candidate. Our doctor will evaluate the patient’s lips, speak to them about what they would like to achieve, and obtain a full medical history to decide if this treatment is right for an individual.

Are you interested in augmentation of the lips?

The team of Emmett Plastic Surgery is pleased to provide lip augmentation as a minimally invasive treatment with cosmetic injectables. Call the front office at (303) 536-3531 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Emmett and find out if you are a candidate for cosmetic lip augmentation services.