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Home Facelift How Long Does a Facelift Last?

January 29, 2024

| emmett plastic surgeryOver time, your face will begin exhibiting signs of age. These signs can include wrinkles and fine lines, lost volume, and loose, sagging skin. One of the most effective ways to address these issues is with a facelift that refreshes your facial appearance. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Emmett, a facelift can provide subtle, natural-looking results that last a long time, making it a worthwhile investment in your self-confidence. 

It is important to note that no plastic surgery lasts forever, including facelifts. The natural aging process continues, and sooner or later, that aging process will catch up to you.

The Lifespan of a Facelift

Having said that, the results of a facelift can be long-lasting, often extending past the ten-year mark before you start noticing signs of facial aging. At that point, retreatment may be an option to extend the results of your facelift even further.

How to Extend the Results of Your Facelift

Following your facelift, there are certain steps you can take to preserve your results, maintaining your revitalized facial appearance for as long as possible. Some recommendations include:

  • Avoid smoking and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • Minimize stress, and ensure you have healthy outlets for channeling your stress.
  • Maintain a regular treatment plan with nonsurgical anti-aging treatments, like BOTOX and dermal fillers. Your plastic surgeon can provide these treatments.

Additionally, make sure you carefully adhere to all of the aftercare and recovery guidelines provided following your facelift surgery.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Anti-Aging

Facelifts provide a popular option for reversing the signs of age and offering a refreshed physical appearance. While the results are not permanent, they last long enough to make it a judicious investment in your self-image. To find out more about getting a facelift in the Denver area, reach out to Emmett Plastic Surgery at your convenience.