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Dr. Jennifer Emmett, M.D.

Home General Preparing the Fat for a Fat Transfer Procedure

October 12, 2017

Fat transfer is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses your own natural body fat to restore lost volume instead of cosmetic fillers. In order to accomplish the procedure, the fat must be harvested, processed, and purified.

The fat used for the procedure is harvested via liposuction from the stomach, thighs, back, or other areas of the body with excess fat. The fat is then placed into a centrifuge, which will separate the fat cells from the liquids. The fat is then injected into the desired area using a fine-gauge needle.

Fat transfer injections can be used to restore lost facial volume and reduce the appearance of facial scars. It can also be used to improve the contours of the breasts as a part of the breast reconstruction procedure. If you are interested in receiving fat transfer injections, contact Emmett Plastic Surgery today.