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May 15, 2019

| emmett plastic surgeryIf you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery it’s also a good idea to consider the season you get your procedure done. That’s because the right season and timing for you will make it so much easier. The right timing will allow you plenty of time for safe recovery, a buffer of time to conceal swelling and scarring, and a few alibis for those who may tend to pry into your personal life.

Spring is often an ideal time for cosmetic surgery and it’s also on the minds of a lot of people. Springtime reminds us that summer is on its way. We start going back to the gym so we look good and are ready for everything that’s coming. There are a lot of things happening in summertime, and many of them involve less clothing. Heading to a tropical location for vacation, summer BBQs or other parties, and wedding season can all mean short shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits.

Often, winter is an ideal time to get your procedure done. But, if you prefer to enjoy the holidays and winter sports without worrying about surgery or recovery time, surgery in the spring is much better suited to you. A springtime procedure also gives you a chance to diet and exercise to lose extra holiday pounds (which is best for procedures like breast reduction or liposuction).

Pros of Springtime Surgeries

Some of the best advantages to surgery in spring have to do with where Spring sits in the calendar. Those winter pastries and bad decisions have faded into the past with extra work at the gym and healthier eating. Kids are still in school, so you won’t need as much help taking care of them while you rest and recuperate. There are a couple holidays and long weekends that allow you more time to rest away from the office. And, it’s ideal to prepare for summer, while still being able to stay indoors or wear bulkier clothing to help cover up compression bandages. Breast surgery, body contouring, and facial surgery are all great options to consider before the weather heats up.

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