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September 15, 2018

Nose job lone tree co | emmett plastic surgeryNose jobs are the most common plastic surgery procedure among teenagers in the United States. Known as a rhinoplasty procedure, nose jobs can be either simple or complex depending on the needs and goals of the patient. If your teen is considering getting a nose job, here are some important points to consider first.

The purpose of a nose job

If your teen wants a nose job, discuss with them why. A nose job can remove a bump, elongate and straighten the bridge, reform the tip, increase or enlarge nostril size, fix the nose following an injury, open up breathing passages, or make the nose larger or smaller. A nose job can alter the way you look for cosmetic or medical purposes. For instance, some patients elect to get a nose job to fix the cartilage that divides the nostrils.

Know the risks

All surgeries, medical and cosmetic, have inherent risks. With a nose job those risks include bleeding, infection, numbness, nosebleeds, scarring, bursting of small blood vessels near the skin surface, swelling, and nerve damage. These risks are rare, but be sure to discuss them with your teen.

Is your teen ready?

If your teen wants a nose job, the most important discussion you should have with them is: are they ready both physically and mentally? Is your teen over the age of 16 (if they are a girl) and 17 (if they are a boy)? The nose continues to grow as we age, but it is important for a patient to be at least in their late teens before getting a nose job.

Most importantly, does your teen think that getting a nose job will change their life or suddenly make them more popular? If this is the case, they are likely not mature enough yet to get a nose job.

Arrange a consultation

If your teen would like to get a nose job, consider arranging a consultation with Emmett Plastic Surgery. During your visit, the doctor can answer any questions that you and your teen have about getting a nose job. They will also assess your teen’s health, and discuss their goals and expectations related to the procedure. You can call our office today by contacting us at 303-955-7545.