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Home Skin Care Three Ways You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

November 30, 2018

Skin care lone tree co | emmett plastic surgeryAs the seasons change, do your hands start to feel more dry or begin to crack? With the onset of cooler months, your skin will begin to feel the difference. Lower humidity and cooler weather creates dry air, which robs your skin of vital moisture. If left unattended, our skin can become so dry it will begin to crack or bleed. Worse yet, indoor heating can steal moisture from the air as well as a steaming hot shower—both resulting in dryer skin. Here’s what you can do to counteract the impact of cooler weather on your skin.

Moisturize right away

When you step out of the shower, lightly dry your skin then immediately apply a moisturizer. Make sure it is oil based and not water based. A nature and nourishing formula with essential oils like lavender or chamomile can make the experience particularly refreshing. Keep a bottle of your favorite moisturizer right next to the bathtub or sink so you can see it and remember to moisturize!

Swear off hot water

If you are serious about keeping your skin moisturized this season, cutting the hot showers will definitely help. Instead, make sure your water is warm. When the water gets too hot, it can strip the skin of vital oils that help maintain moisture levels.

Protect and humidify

That trusty heating system in your home or office feels fantastic, but it drys out the air. Invest in a quality humidifier to put in your home. This will help maintain moisture levels in the air and allow your skin to not feel so dry. Next, keep a pair of nice fitting gloves and a scarf next to your door and don’t leave the house without them. Sunscreen is even more essential during this time of year, so put it in a place where you won’t miss it.

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