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Home Labiaplasty Understanding the Labiaplasty Procedure at Emmett Plastic Surgery

August 30, 2019

| emmett plastic surgeryDr. Jennifer Emmett of Lone Tree, CO understands the concerns that women may have about their appearance. When women confide in her regarding the appearance and function of their genitalia, they are often pleased to learn that there are surgical solutions available to them for improvement. With procedures such as a labiaplasty, women can address these concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon that provides labiaplasty procedures for women in and around the areas of Denver and Centennial, Colorado.

Understanding the labiaplasty procedure

The labiaplasty is an elective procedure used to improve the appearance and the function of the vaginal area, including the inner lips, outer lips, and clitoris. This treatment can not only address the look of the labia but help tighten the area to allow women to enjoy better sexual satisfaction and stimulation through intercourse. However, most women who seek this procedure are interested in addressing sagging outer lips that can rub during sexual intercourse and cause discomfort. Additionally, these sagging areas can make women feel embarrassed when wearing tight clothing or swimsuits.

What is done during a labiaplasty?

This procedure encompasses many different treatments of the genitalia for women to consider. The labia minora and labia majora that are unusually shaped or large will be addressed with the removal of excess tissue to help shorten, tighten, and improve the appearance. Women who have extra clitoral tissue may also have a clitoral hood reduction. The clitoral hood covers and protects the clitoris but can get in the way of sexual pleasure and impact stimulation and sensations. The reduction of the clitoral hood tissue can still allow it to protect the clitoris while improving sensations and making it easier for women to reach orgasm. These procedures, done under the care of Dr. Jennifer Emmett, can greatly enhance a woman’s confidence and sexual pleasure.

Are you a candidate for labiaplasty?

Take time to speak to Dr. Jennifer Emmett of Emmett Plastic Surgery to learn more about this and other procedures available for body enhancement. Call (303) 536-3531 to schedule a consultation at her Lone Tree, CO office at 10450 Park Meadows Drive, Suite 100.