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April 30, 2020

Skin care lone tree co | neck lift | emmett plastic surgery | emmett plastic surgeryLone Tree, Colorado area men and women who are asked to think about the natural signs of aging on the skin and body often relate to the development of wrinkles and folds on the facial skin. However, aging can impact the entire body, and patients who want to put their best face forward are encouraged to ask Dr. Jennifer Emmett about traditional facelifts. But in some instances, patients should also think about the benefits of a neck lift, which can be performed at the same time.

What is a neck lift?

The skin of the neck is just as vulnerable to aging and environmental factors like the face. It also shows the signs of aging due to skin laxity that forms deep creases on the neck. In situations such as this, patients should consider the benefits of undergoing a neck lift with or without a facelift. Neck lift surgery has many benefits. It can:

  • Tighten the underlying muscles in the neck
  • Contour the chin, jowls, and jawline
  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and folds
  • Reduce the amount of excess skin
  • Address platysmal bands (also referred to as neck cording)

In addition to being effective at treating all of the above concerns, the neck lift is also an affordable option for patients who want a more refined neck area to go with their new facelift. Dr. Jennifer Emmett evaluates patients to determine if they are good candidates for either of these surgeries and can make knowledgeable recommendations for patients to consider when deciding on the best cosmetic surgery for their needs.

Every patient is unique, so we welcome adult men and women in the community to consider Emmett Plastic Surgery for their cosmetic enhancement desires!

Are you considering a surgical neck lift?

Dr. Jennifer Emmett and her team of professionals are pleased to provide surgical neck lifts, as well as other cosmetic treatments that allow patients to feel more confident in their appearance. With Emmett Plastic Surgery, patients can rest easy that they are obtaining the best possible care with the most natural, noticeable results in the Lone Tree, Colorado community. Call (303) 536-3531 and schedule a consultation at 10450 Park Meadows Drive, Ste. 100.