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February 28, 2019

Latisse lone tree co | emmett plastic surgeryDo you dream of thick, long and fuller lashes? Latisse can help with that. Longer and fuller lashes are associated with a more feminine and well-rounded appearance. As we age, the lashes may thin out. Latisse will restore your missing length and volume (and give it to you if you’ve never had it!).

Latisse: what it is

Latisse is an FDA-approved prescription application used to enhance the look of your eyelashes without the need for invasive surgery. Are you tired of applying fake eyelashes or washing off clumps of mascara every night to try and achieve fuller lashes? In only four weeks, you will begin to notice a difference with Latisse. Full results are guaranteed after about 3 months.

Why you need Latisse

In addition to the volume and length that Latisse will deliver to your eyelashes, it is also a long term and natural solution. Latisse only requires at home application that is quick and convenient. You will begin to see more rapid results with continuous use—and it only requires one daily application to the lash line.

The right candidate

If you are dealing with dull or sparse eyelashes, Latisse can revamp your look and give you that wow factor you’ve been looking for. Stop spending money on temporary fixes (ridiculously priced mascaras that don’t work or fake eyelashes) and invest in a long term solution—Latisse!

The cost

Because Latisse is considered to be a cosmetic treatment, insurance doesn’t cover the cost. At Dr. Emmett’s office, you can receive help through financing with CareCredit, Simmons Bank, or other options.

Arrange your appointment

To learn more about what Latisse, and any of our other cosmetic treatments can do for your look, call Emmett Plastic Surgery today. You can reach our office by calling us at 303-955-7545. We look forward to assisting you!