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November 30, 2020

Why you should consider breast implants emmett plastic surgery | emmett plastic surgeryAs we age, our bodies change; that’s just the natural progression of life. However, for women, breast changes can play an important role in how they perceive their appearance and youth. While many factors may account for the significant changes in breast shape, lift, and symmetry, fixing those changes isn’t very difficult.

If you’re considering getting breast implants in Denver, today, we’ll fill you in on why many women choose to have the procedure and how a breast augmentation can give you the appearance, confidence, and well-being you’re seeking.

Reasons women get breast implants

Low body comfort and confidence

Feeling comfortable with your body leads to physical and mental confidence. If your breast size is making you uncomfortable, breast augmentation is a safe, easy procedure that inspires a boost in self-esteem.

Asymmetrical breasts

Most women’s breasts are asymmetrical; however, for some, it’s incredibly noticeable and incredibly embarrassing. Breast implants will give the breasts better symmetry while creating a natural aesthetic appeal.

Difficulty finding clothes that fit

Whether your breasts are excessively large or very small, when you can’t find clothes that properly fit your body shape, frustration and dissatisfaction will be the reaction. Visiting with your Denver plastic surgeon to discuss a breast augmentation that fits the rest of you is a great first step to getting you feeling good in your clothes.

Weight loss

Some women lose the bulk of their weight in their breasts when they change their diet or start exercising. Others may drop significant weight and find that they have a much smaller breast size at the end. Breast implants will give you your breasts back while you maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Post-pregnancy and breastfeeding

Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, pregnancy itself can take a toll on breast size and shape. The body will naturally go through a series of hormonal changes throughout pregnancy and for months after. In most cases, the breasts will change, too. Breast augmentation is a safe way for moms to feel sexy again.


Simply aging alters the body in many ways. Often breasts start to sag and become smaller over time. If you’re looking for better shape and the perkiness of your younger breasts, Dr. Emmett can help you find a shape and size that gives you the youthful effect you want.


Many women who have had breast cancer or are susceptible to breast cancer need to have their breasts removed. This is a highly emotional surgery. Women tend to think of their breasts as their femininity and sexiness. Breast reconstruction surgery supports emotional and mental well-being and offers aesthetic enhancement after a challenging time.

The takeaway

Every woman should feel the best she can about herself. It’s confidence-inducing and empowering to feel good in your body. Breast implants are safer than they’ve even been and offer the self-esteem many women are looking for.

Emmett Plastic Surgery has the experience to help you determine if this surgery is right for you. If so, we will advise in your decision regarding the size, shape, and implant style that meet your body goals. Looking and feeling better about yourself is closer than you think.