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It’s been 16 days now. I am EXTREMELY happy with the symmetry and shape of the new girls. ALREADY I can hardly see the scars. That amazes me, and I’m thrilled about it. There are scabs around the nipple that are taking their dear sweet time to heal.

*Individual results may vary.

“I am EXTREMELY happy”

I went to SOL Lingerie in Cherry Creek a few weeks ago to get fitted, and the woman helping asked me “did you get implants or do you just have naturally perfect boobs.” She said, “Wow tell whoever did them they look perfect and make sure you thank her.”

*Individual results may vary.

“Perfect boobs”

I am so impressed with Dr. Emmett and her staff! I thought about having a breast lift for 5 years. In August this year when I made up my mind to do it, I interviewed 4 different doctors. It was so hard because 3 of them left it up to me to decide the size I would want, and I was very concerned with looking too big. Dr. Emmett was totally different. She really listened to me, looked at my body and was very specific about the size she recommended. It was 100% based on my body frame so that I would be in perfect proportion. She has a very different process from the rest of the doctors, and I was so comfortable following her recommendation. Because I was so happy, 3 on my friends made appointments in the following weeks to interview her. All 3 people chose Dr. Emmett over the many other doctors they had interviewed. We all had different surgeries, and each of us has recommended her to other friends. It’s amazing when you find the right person, you don’t think twice about your decision. I would recommend Dr. Emmett and her staff to anyone considering surgery.

If you need to wait a few weeks for the appointment, it is worth the wait so you can meet her and learn how she does things a differently that other doctors.

*Individual results may vary.

“I would recommend Dr. Emmett and her staff to anyone considering surgery”

I had a Mommy Makeover in September 2012 for my 45th birthday. Went back to work after 12 days. I could have only done this with the work of Dr. Jennifer Emmett. She is an Amazing Plastic Surgeon. She is a Sculpture. She does beautiful work. She listens to your needs and wants. I have had 4 kids; you would not be able to tell that I have any kids. I look and feel amazing. I am thrilled with my look. Every chance I get, I show my body to other mothers saying we don’t have to walk around with a mommy pooch and saggy socks for breast anymore.

I will only have Dr. Jennifer Emmett do future work on my face on body. The Staff is warm and welcoming, and Jennifer Herrera the patient coordinator is great to talk with and also understands your needs.

*Individual results may vary.

” Amazing Plastic Surgeon”

Dr. Emmett came highly recommended to me by a friend, and I am so glad that I had my surgery.

From my first consult in July 2012 to now in my recovery and follow-up, Dr. Emmett was and is totally professional and caring. I had thought about this surgery for a long time and was put at ease from the beginning.

The office staff was wonderful and my experience with the patient coordinator, Jennifer Herrera was the best!

As Julie stated above, I too am extremely happy with my results.

I would recommend this office to anyone, and I have!

*Individual results may vary.

“Extremely happy with my results”

Where do I begin? Dr. Emmett and her staff are AMAZING. I had a lift and implant surgery back in August of this year. Dr. Emmett and Jenn made this one of the best experiences in my life. I had been wanting to have this procedure for about 5 years and had talked to many doctors and never really felt comfortable with any of them. Then about a year ago I set up a consult with Dr. Emmett and Jenn. After meeting them and going over exactly what I wanted and what they recommended, I knew I had found my Dr.

This is a very big decision and they made me feel super comfortable thru the entire process. They treated me as if I was their only patient and were truly wonderful. The entire process exceeded my expectations.

Now the results. I could not be happier with the results. I am fully healed and looking and feeling great!! I would highly recommend Dr. Emmett for any procedure. You will be treated awesome thru the entire process and get the results you are looking for. I am happy I waited so long to find the perfect doctor, it was well worth it.

*Individual results may vary.

“Dr. Emmett and her staff are AMAZING”

You guys are the best!

Be ready for a flood of referrals!!!

Bob and I have both been in the medical field for close to 40 years….and never have we come close to meeting or seeing an office that generates the care that you guys do. It is unbelievable…There is a very special place reserved for you both, and all your wonderful deeds will not go un-noticed you will be rewarded! Lucky for all of us whose lives you touched!

*Individual results may vary.

“You guys are the best!”

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