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October 28, 2022

A breast lift procedure can help you achieve perkier and more youthful-looking breasts.

With age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and genetics, breasts are likely to experience some amount of sagging.

When breasts begin to droop, it often makes women feel self-conscious and reduces their self-esteem.

One of the most common ways women regain confidence in their breasts and bodies is by having a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Some women have both procedures done if they would like to increase the volume and size of their breasts as well

Learn more about the anchor breast lift procedure, other breast lift options, how long an anchor breast lift or reduction will last, and where to find a highly skilled and double-board certified plastic surgeon.

Anchor lift

An anchor lift is the oldest and most common breast lift procedure. Its name comes from its incision pattern, which resembles an upside-down anchor.

While this technique causes the most noticeable scarring, it is often the most effective option for women with severe sagging and significant skin excess.

This is also the best option for women with overly large and heavy breasts seeking breast reduction.

Your breast lift procedure

Before your procedure

Before your procedure, you will set up your free consultation with Dr. Emmett to discuss which breast lift technique will help you achieve the best results.

You will also discuss your health, financing, and which medications you should stop taking before your surgery.

Your surgery will be performed at Dr. Emmett’s personal clinic in Colorado and will take no more than a few hours.

Before your surgery, Dr. Emmett will make incision marks on your breasts and place you under twilight IV sedation.

Twilight IV sedation is preferred as it doesn’t have adverse side effects or risks like general anesthesia.

Most patients are satisfied with being placed in this relaxed and trance-like state, as they don’t wake up feeling groggy or nauseous.

During an anchor breast lift procedure

If you and Dr. Emmett have agreed on the anchor breast lift technique, the anchor-shaped incision will be used.

The incision will look like an inverted- T and help your surgeon remove extra skin, reposition tissue, and raise the areolae.

After your surgery is completed, your incisions will be closed, and she will use dressings to cover them up.

Other breast lift options

You may have assumed that you need an anchor breast lift, only to discover other techniques may be more beneficial.

If you have smaller breasts or minimal sagging, there are other options you may want to consider before making your final decision.

Regardless of the technique you and Dr. Emmett agree on, her expertise will help you achieve the best results with minimal scarring.

Donut lift

This technique was designed for people with a small amount of sagging. However, a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can also use this technique on women with more pronounced sagging.

There is less scarring with a donut lift, which may make it more appealing to some.

Crescent lift

The crescent lift is an effective way for plastic surgeons to perform breast lifts with minimal scarring and to raise the nipple and areola.

A crescent lift can even be an effective way to correct nipple asymmetry.

Scarless lift

While not completely “scarless,” this technique leaves the most minimal amount of scarring and is generally very well-hidden.

This surgery is typically recommended for women concerned about a loss of volume rather than actual sagging.

Lollipop lift

A lollipop lift is also referred to as a vertical breast lift and is most suitable for women with little breast sagging.

This could be an excellent option for women needing only a slight lift and not interested in breast implants.

How long does an anchor lift breast lift or reduction take?

If you are planning to have a breast augmentation or breast reduction during your breast lift surgery, it will increase the time of your procedure slightly.

However, it will only take Dr. Emmett a few hours to complete your surgery.

With her experience and skills, she is an expert plastic surgeon capable of quickly and efficiently meeting her patients’ needs.

Once your surgery is completed, you can recover and heal at home.

Since Dr. Emmett does not use general anestheia, you won’t need to wait hours for its side effects to wear off.

You may wake up tired and sore, but Dr. Emmett will prescribe you pain medication for the first week of your recovery.

After the first week, you will only need over-the-counter pain medication when needed.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Emmett

When you choose Dr. Emmett for your plastic surgery needs, you are choosing a highly qualified surgeon.

She is double-board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

Dr. Emmett has even received additional training in aesthetic surgery to increase her skills, making her stand out from many other plastic surgeons.

If you are interested in restoring your breasts’ youthful appearance, Dr. Emmett can give you those results.

Dr. Emmett’s specialties include breast enhancement, augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, dermafiller, botox, and mommy makeovers.

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