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November 16, 2020

Female model for breast lifts and scarring | emmett plastic surgeryIf you’re interested in getting a breast lift surgery, you most likely already know that there are many positive reasons to do so. The physical aspects a breast lift provide are beauty, youth, and enhancement. But, there’s also the confidence and newfound comfort in your skin that offer a deeper, more emotional aspect.


However, it’s important to know that breast lifts do leave scars. Finding an experienced Denver plastic surgeon with the knowledge to use the most advanced breast lift procedures and tools is smart to ensure those scars are minimal.

Types of breast lifts

It’s important to meet with a plastic surgeon who can adequately determine the best kind of breast lift for your unique body and goals. Understanding what the patient wants while offering advice on the best way to get those results is vital to a successful outcome.

Dr. Emmett will discuss the three most popular kinds of breast lifts with her patients and the scarring each will leave.

The donut style breast lift

This breast lift leaves the least amount of scarring; however, it’s only for those with the mildest needs. The incision runs around the areola in a circular (donut) shape, and the scarring will run along the entire edge of the areola. While it may be difficult to see, there will be a raising effect that can be felt.

This is the least powerful of the breast lift styles in regard to areolar repositioning and breast shaping. If the breast requires minimal improvement in shape, this is a great method; however, with no access to internal breast tissue, results will not be significant.

The vertical style breast lift

For more moderate breast sagging, a lollipop-shaped incision may be necessary for full support and to get the desired look and shape. This will leave a scar around the areola and vertically through the bottom portion of the breast.

The breast scarring is more significant than that of the donut style; however, the doctor has more room to work with the breast’s shape and work with more tissue. This procedure generally offers better symmetry and overall look.

The anchor style breast lift

The anchor lift is the traditional breast lift and one of the more common styles, as it is usually used on the patients with the most significant breast sagging. Scarring goes around the areola, vertically down the bottom portion of the breast, and under the crease of the breast.

This style does have an additional scar under the fold of the breast and will only be used when absolutely necessary for significant breast lifting, reshaping, and symmetry.

Determining the best breast lift for you

Speaking with a highly skilled Denver plastic surgeon will help you determine the breast lift that will best suit your needs. Dr. Emmett will use techniques to minimize your scarring while providing the beautiful aesthetic you’re looking for.

We understand that scarring isn’t ideal and will work with you throughout your recovery process to care for your scars and reduce their visibility. However, it’s important to note that the breast lift will outweigh the scarring, providing you with the youthful, more symmetric appearance you want.

We invite you to come in for a consultation to learn how Emmett’s Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your body goals.