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August 15, 2019

| emmett plastic surgeryWomen who are unhappy with the shape, size, or overall appearance of their breasts may experience problems such as low self-esteem or self-confidence. For women who have breasts that are too large, they may deal with concerns such as neck, shoulder, and back pain. Any woman in the area of Lone Tree, Colorado who is interested in exploring the options available for breast enhancement is encouraged to visit the practice of Emmett Plastic Surgery to discuss surgical solutions.

Treatment options

When it comes to breast enhancement, Dr. Jennifer Emmett offers three primary methods of treatment. They include:

  • Breast augmentation – the most popular treatment amongst women is breast augmentation with the use of breast implants. Patients can enlarge their breasts several sizes larger to address small or different breast sizes. The implants are made of silicone and are completely safe to use for augmenting the breasts. This can improve self-confidence by offering a more feminine appearance and better profile.
  • Breast lift – women who have experienced pregnancy, breast feeding, or weight changes may notice that their breasts are not as perky as they once were. With a breast lift, women can improve the location of their breasts without the need for a push-up bra. Breast lifts may include the removal of excess breast skin to address sagging and repositioning of the nipped and areola for a more natural look.
  • Breast reduction – women who have large breasts that are impairing their ability to exercise or are causing them discomfort may want to seek treatment with a breast reduction. During this procedure, excess skin and breast tissue is removed to reduce the weight and fullness of the breasts that contribute to discomfort. The nipple and areola are also repositioned during this procedure. A breast reduction can be lifechanging for women who experience problems with their larger natural breasts.

Interested in breast enhancement solutions?

Contact Dr. Jennifer Emmett of Emmett Plastic Surgery today to discuss your options. Her practice is located at 10450 Park Meadows Drive, Suite 100 in Lone Tree, Colorado and can be reached at (303) 536-3531 to schedule an appointment.