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January 29, 2024

| emmett plastic surgeryBreast augmentation can help restore volume to your breasts, providing you with full, natural-looking curves and breast contour. This is a popular procedure among women who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as women who simply never had their desired breast size to begin with. Before your procedure, it is critical to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with a board-certified surgeon. Not only does this help confirm your eligibility for a safe, successful procedure, but it also helps you know what to expect from the surgery, recovery, and end result.

Three Reasons to Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation

In particular, there are three benefits you can expect from your initial breast augmentation appointment.

It Ensures You and Your Surgeon are on the Same Page

Many patients assume that dramatic results require dramatic changes to their bodies. However, even small changes to the size and shape of the breasts can dramatically alter your silhouette. Meanwhile, certain dramatic changes can actually create disharmony with your other curves, leading to unsatisfying results. A breast augmentation consultation allows you and your surgeon to discuss the best implant type and size and to ensure you are fully aligned about the procedure and the desired results.

It Verifies Your Eligibility for a Safe Surgery

Any surgery carries certain risks, and those risks are exacerbated if you are fundamentally unhealthy or unqualified for an operation. The breast augmentation consultation allows your surgeon to verify that you are a good candidate, and it also provides you with steps you can take to better prepare for a successful breast augmentation.

It Lets You Get to Know Your Surgeon

Finally, your breast augmentation consultation is your first meeting with your plastic surgeon. This helps you get an idea of your surgeon’s approach to patient care and whether they will be the right provider for you.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can transform your appearance and elevate your self-confidence. The first step is scheduling a consultation. Learn more about breast augmentation from Emmett Plastic Surgery by visiting our augmentation procedure page.