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Dr. Jennifer Emmett, M.D.

Home General Rejuvenating the Appearance of Your Upper Eyelids

June 5, 2017

The upper eyelids play a large role in the overall appearance of your eyes. As we age, the upper eyelids can begin to droop due to the presence of excess skin and fat and the weakening of the muscles in the eyelids. This can give your eyes a tired and aged appearance that detracts from your natural beauty.

Upper-eyelid surgery can be performed to restore the eyelids and the vibrant appearance of your eyes. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Emmett will use extreme precision to carefully excise the loose tissue on the upper eyelid through a small incision that is well-hidden within the creases of the eyelid. Once you have recovered, your eyes should have a noticeably refreshed and youthful appearance.

Dr. Emmett will provide you with excellent care and has the skill required to correctly perform the procedure with fantastic results. Contact our office to schedule a consultation for your upper-eyelid surgery.