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Home Breast lift The Breast-Lift Procedure Will Not Change the Size of Your Breasts

April 18, 2018

If you are considering undergoing a breast enhancement procedure, it is important that you understand the specific benefits of the procedure in question. Some women may be interested in increasing the size of their breasts, while others simply want to improve the shape and appearance of their breasts. Knowing which procedure addresses your specific concerns will ensure that your results are satisfactory.

The breast lift procedure does not increase or decrease the size of your breasts. The procedure instead addresses the loose skin and sagging that occurs on the breasts. Sagging causes them to droop downward and robs them of their shape and appeal.

A breast lift will improve the positioning of the breast by lifting them upwards and tightening the skin to improve their contours. No volume is removed or added to the breasts, and they will still look and feel natural.

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