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August 26, 2021

Sagging breasts are a normal result of the aging process that can be exacerbated by becoming pregnant or experiencing weight fluctuations throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Hormone changes, genetics, and the size and weight of the breasts also contribute to breasts losing their fullness, volume, and lift.

For women looking to improve their breasts’ lift and appearance, without getting implants, a breast lift operation is a perfect way to achieve that. 

If you’ve thought about receiving a breast lift, then read our top five most common questions and answers about breast lift surgery explained.

1. How Long Will It Take to See the Results from the Procedure?

Immediately after the surgery, the breasts’ appearance and lift will be noticeable. 

However, there will be swelling and bruising after surgery. This inflammation, tenderness, and redness are the body’s normal healing responses to repair the incisions created during surgery.

Typically, women can enjoy the final results of their breast lift somewhere between six to 12 weeks after surgery. During this time, the breasts will settle into position and become fully healed.

2. What Happens During the Initial Consultation?

Before any surgery can be performed, you must first meet with Dr. Emmett for your initial breast lift consultation. 

Your consultation will take around an hour. During this time, Dr. Emmett will review your medical history, including any past surgeries, known drug allergies, family history of breast cancer, and any results of previous biopsies and mammograms to see if you’re a healthy candidate for breast lift surgery.

Also during your consultation, Dr. Emmett will examine, measure, and photograph your breasts for record-keeping and discuss with you your motivations for receiving breast lift surgery.

As with any surgery, there are potential risks that you should be aware of, and Dr. Emmett will take this time to discuss and answer any questions you have about the surgery.

Once you have been examined and determined to be a healthy candidate for surgery, Dr. Emmett will then schedule your surgery date.

3. How Is a Breast Lift Different from a Breast Augmentation?

A breast lift’s main purpose is to lift and reshape the breast and the nipple above the lower breast’s crease, also known as the inframammary fold. 

This is done by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin to tighten up and lift the breasts on the chest.

During breast augmentation surgery, implants are inserted either under or above the breast muscle to improve fullness, contour, and size.

Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or fill out the upper part of your breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller, consider getting both a breast lift and breast augmentation surgery.

Combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation is a popular option for women looking to improve their breasts’ life, appearance, and fullness. Because the augmentation is paired with the breast lift, the implants’ size can actually be reduced since the breasts’ appearance will already be lifted.

4. How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

A week before your surgery takes place, Dr. Emmett will ask you to stop taking certain medications, such as blood thinners like Aspirin, to reduce the possibility of bleeding during surgery.

On the day of your surgery, your breasts will be marked by Dr. Emmett to determine the new position of your nipple on your breasts. Overall, breast lift surgery takes around one to three hours to perform.

Then you will receive general anesthesia to place you in a pain-free unconscious state for your surgery.

Once surgery begins, Dr. Emmett will make an incision around your areola, followed by another incision from your areola down the front of your breast. This is known as a keyhole incision. A third incision will be made underneath the breast along the inframammary fold.

After the incisions are made, Dr. Emmett will begin to remove excess skin, fat, glandular tissue, and begin reshaping and repositioning the areolas and breasts.

Finally, Dr. Emmett will suture the incisions shut using stitches, skin adhesives, and surgical tape.

5. How Long Does Recovery Take?

Immediately following your surgery, you will be sent to a recovery room for a couple of hours, and then discharged to go home the same day as your surgery.

We recommend patients take a week off work, if possible, to focus on relaxing and recovery.

It generally takes six to 12 weeks for a full recovery.

During your recovery time, Dr. Emmett will recommend you wear a post-op surgery bra. This compression bra will help to reduce swelling and liquid accumulation in the breast tissue, and also helps the breasts settle into place.

You will experience soreness during the initial week to two weeks immediately following surgery and will be prescribed pain medication to help manage discomfort during this time.

You should avoid showering for a few days after surgery so your surgical tape can stay dry. Avoid lifting heavy objects above your head, as you don’t want to put stress on your healing incisions and stitches.

We recommend purchasing a wedge pillow so you can prop your body up during your recovery. Under no circumstances should you sleep on your front or side during recovery.

Heavy exercise is not permitted during this recovery time, however, light exercise and walking are okay. You should avoid any exercise that causes unnecessary shifting in your breasts.

Somewhere between six to 12 weeks, most of your swelling should be gone and you can resume normal physical activities.

Scars are inevitable in the breast lift process, however, over time these scars will become less noticeable and gradually fade in color. During this recovery time, your scars will initially be raised and puffy with a red or pink appearance. However, after six months, the appearance will be less noticeable and eventually form a faint white scar.

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